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I am Shelby, I am so glad you are here checking out my photographs. I love photography if that isn't obvious but I love a lot of other things as well. My favorite thing to do is go fishing being on the water is so relaxing to me. Spending time with my family means the world to me. I can't get enough coffee, blankets, coffee cups, shoes, and comfy clothes. If you see me at my sessions you will noticed I'm usually dressed more comfortable so I can move around easily to get all the angles. 

I'm here to capture all life's moments! I make your sessions easy, comfortable and mostly fun. I can't wait to create some art with you! 

Contact Me
Send me an email to get your session booked! Or if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them. 

phone: 641.417.8572

Thanks for submitting!

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